Olympic Torch Relay

Team Ettinger writes: The Olympics have been coming to London for so long (London was announced as the host of the 2012 Olympics in July 2005) that it’s sometimes seemed that they would never actually arrive.

To be sure, anyone living or spending any time in the east end of London the past few years will have seen the massive amount of work that has been underway. But for the majority of us, the Olympic experience has consisted of an occasional news story or perhaps the sighting in a shop of an oddly shaped stuffed toy.

The Olympic Torch Relay is slowly but surely changing that, as the Olympic flame makes its way to over 1,000 cities, towns and villages throughout the UK.

A week ago last Friday, we happened to catch the torch relay as it made its way through the streets of Glasgow. The route and times had
been noted in the local media, and by the time we took up our position along Woodlands Road, a good crowd had gathered, including along the pedestrian overpass over St. George’s Cross.

After multiple passes by police on motorcycles, numerous sponsorship busses and other vehicles, grey-clad escorts on bicycles, and then more on foot, the torch and its bearer ran into view. There was a lot of pennant-waving and picture taking, and everyone was in high spirits.

Well after the torchbearer was out of sight, many people lingered, seemingly not wanting the experience to end. And while the torch has passed through many areas already, it still has a way to go to its destination. So if you have the chance to see part of the relay, don’t hesitate; bring your family and friends. You won’t be disappointed.

As we write this, the opening ceremony is 36 days and a few hours away.

Please let us know if you have your own Olympic Torch Relay experience.

You can read more about the Olympic Torch Relay here: Olympic Torch Relay.

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