Weather or Not

Robert Ettinger writes: I usually take weather forecasts with a pinch of salt, and I am even more sceptical of long-range forecasts. So when I read, several weeks ago, that our record-breaking April rain would stretch into May, I didn’t take it very seriously. As it turned out, they were right. But that still didn’t prepare many of us, I’m sure, for what was to come.

What they referred to as an “unsettled” system was actually some kind of weather yo-yo: bitterly cold and unseasonably warm, all in the same day. Soothing sunshine on your face giving way to the seemingly inevitable rain. A few weeks ago I went outside and took this picture. Is the sky clearing? Are the clouds gathering? Who knows?

Despite the fact that the Met Office seems to be doing well these days, I remained unconvinced when I heard the reports, just over a week ago, that summer weather wouldn’t arrive in the UK until July this year. Although the first half of June certainly supported their claim — and the sky at this moment, as I look out my window, is more grey than glorious — I still have hope that the weather will soon catch up with the calendar.

I have my own weather forecast for the summer: There will be rain, maybe frequently; and there will be sunshine, although it may be fleeting. Even if it happens only once, I’m looking forward to that late summer evening when there’s still a hint of light in the sky and the breeze carries the last warmth of the day.

So, you see, I’m not just a meteorological cynic; I’m a British weather romantic.

I’d love to hear about your experiences of the weather this spring and early summer — maybe a memorable time you had when the weather played a role. Add a comment below and tell me your weather stories.

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