Great Sport, Great Cause, Great Britain

Team Ettinger writes: For the past year, Ettinger has been proud to be associated with British Polo Day, a series of polo matches between British teams and friends contested in locations around the world.

Polo is believed to have originated in Persia around the fifth century B.C. as a contest between cavalry units; the British (by way of India) are credited with formalising and popularising polo in the mid-nineteenth century. Polo still thrives throughout some of Britain’s oldest institutions, and British Polo Days provide an opportunity for some of the country’s best players to continue to play internationally. The days not only honour the history and traditions of the sport itself, they also celebrate British heritage — selected British luxury brands are represented at each event, giving the guests an unmistakable and unforgettable experience of the very best Britain has to offer. Here at Ettinger, we are very pleased to be featured at the British Polo Days, and are extremely happy that VIP guests receive a special Ettinger gift.

This year, British Polo Days have taken place in China, Singapore, India, France, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Thailand, Germany and, most recently, here in the UK at Coworth Park in Berkshire, which gave us our first chance to experience this thrilling event firsthand. On the day, the weather was windy, cloudy and, unusually for this summer, dry. The theme, Polo for the Brave, was totally appropriate, as this event was a benefit for the British Forces Foundation (BFF) and The Household Cavalry Operational Casualties Fund (HCOCF), two morale-boosting organisations who provide support of all kinds to military personnel.

The action was exciting, the rain held off until all play was completed and everyone, including us, had a tremendous time. Most importantly, this inaugural Polo for the Brave raised more than £40,000 for the BFF and the HCOCF.

Ed Olver, the co-founder and director of British Polo Day, said “It is a privilege to celebrate British craftsmanship and excellence in emerging markets. We are very grateful to all our sponsors who make it possible to project British heritage and identity.” All of us at Ettinger feel privileged to be part of British Polo Days and in the company of so many distinguished British brands.

More information about British Polo Day can be found here: British Polo Day; more about Ed Olver can be found here: Ed Olver.

To learn more about what you can do to help, you can find information about the British Forces Foundation can be found here: British Forces Foundation; and more information about the Household Cavalry Operational Casualties Fund can be found here: Household Cavalry Operational Casualties Fund.

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